The Whole Realm Of Nature

We were visiting a church in Portland this past summer, and they did an amazing thing: they sang a hymn. Granted it was led by a bearded guy with a guitar and not a gray-haired woman on the organ, but it was a hymn none the less. If you spent any time in church a few decades ago, you would probably recognize it:

When I survey the wondrous Cross On which the Prince of Glory died My richest gain, I count but loss And pour contempt on all my pride

As beautiful as those words are, I was captivated by the verse that goes:

Were the whole realm of nature mine That were an offering far too small Love so amazing, so divine Demands my soul, my life, my all

"Were the whole realm of nature mine." Here is where I think scientists and those that study and enjoy the natural world have a great advantage in grasping theological truth. We all may grasp that the "whole realm of nature" is something big, but only those who have dove on the reefs, surfed the waves, climbed the mountain, and viewed the interior components and chemistry of cells can really grasp the meaning of that statement. Even if we could give it all back to God, even if I owned every bit of Creation, yet that is too small an offering to give to the God of grace. How much more He deserves what I can give of my time, my heart, my abilities.

Take a moment today to reflect on the big or on the small.

  • What would you give to God?

  • What are you withholding?

  • How might a wider or deeper look at the "whole realm of nature"motivate you to give more of your soul, your life, your all?

  • Finally, hop on YouTube and find a favorite old hymn today. Hymns are filled with such rich and meaningful lyrics. Listen to the words and meditate on the truths.

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