The Transformation Business

I was reading my divemaster manual the other day, and it posed the question,"What business will you be in?" It proceeds to explain the that the most useful way to answer the question is to "look at what diving does - it changes lives." Most divers would agree. When you resurface out of a well-executed dive you are not the same as when they descended. You have just experienced something incredible! Taking your first breaths among the fish, seeing your first shark and experiencing the awe mixed with fear, seeing the color of a tropical reef or the mystery of a kelp forest. My dive manual continues: dive professionals "are in the transformation business."

Regardless of our career, it's a good question. What business will you be in? Be in the transformation business! Followers of Jesus are called to transform lives through the good news of Jesus Christ. Dive professionals exist to introduce people to a whole new world of awe and wonder. Scientists strive to make new discoveries in medicine, physiology and the environment that may save lives and certainly will impact them.

Every person is on this planet to be a world changer. We may change the world through some majorly impactful discovery, or we may change the world one life and one experience at a time.

Today, don't forget that you are a world changer. Who is around you today? How will you impact their life for the better? How will they be encouraged by their interaction with you.

Go ahead... change the world!

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