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June 7, 2017


As much as I'm enjoying getting to know the waters and marine life of Haiti, I'm enjoying the people more. Nick is from @reefcheckhaiti, and I love his story. He had no knowledge of the sea or science,  but when he saw Reef Check's ad for a new EcoDiver program in Haiti, it sparked his interest.  The ad was for college students and he was in high school, but he showed up anyway.


Many Haitians fear the sea, and Nick's family not only questioned his new interest, but actually discouraged him.  He continued anyway. Reef Check does a great job at training up those with no experience.  They began with swim classes.  Then came snorkel lessons, and finally scuba training.  Not only do EcoDivers need to know how to dive, but they need to be trained to identify corals and other sea life, complete transects, and train up other scientists.  


Today Nick is Reef Check Haiti's top diver, and he leads ocean outreach in Port-Au-Prince to show the next generation the wonders and importance of their marine ecosystem.


It was a privilege to tour the reefs with him today. Way to go Nick! #worldchanger

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