Can Faith Be Green?

As an ecologist and a pastor, I really appreciate Tim Keller's sermon, "Can Faith Be Green?" I require every one of my students to listen to it in my courses, and I encourage every Christian who has a thread of wonder about the environment, biology or science to give it a listen. So now I am encouraging you. Listen HERE

In it you will find great examples of Christian environmentalists, including Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and Stuart Pimm, whom I was forced to read extensively in my early years of graduate school (he is one of the foremost ecologists of the past fifty years). But more importantly, he tackles the question of a Christian's motivation for being an environmentalist, giving a clear theological basis for our work. Using some great examples of scientists who are people of faith, he argues that Christians should be more motivated to be environmentalists. The four points you will hear in this sermon include:

  1. The Goodness of Creation

  2. The Stewardship of Creation

  3. The Fallenness of Creation

  4. The Ultimate Restoration of Creation

I think he makes a great biblical point that drives my own involvement in a Christ-centered university: as followers of Christ we are more motivated to care for Creation. Go ahead and take a listen. Bible students will be challenged; environment-lovers will be encouraged.

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