Oceans Declare is more than mere musings about the marine environment.  Throughout my years exploring life in the oceans, I have been a part of scientific research.  Science provides a real method to understand our oceans and answer real world problems.  Below are the research efforts I have been a part of over the years: 

White shark behavior on the central California Coast

My research at UC Davis began with an internship at the Bodega Marine Lab using tagging technology to study white shark behavior.  As an intern, I spent most of my time starring at spreadsheets and only made it on the water twice to troll around a dead seal carcass in hopes of actually seeing a shark.  Unfortunately, my prayers went unanswered, and I never have seen a white shark.  However, my efforts did results in co-authorship on two scientific papers.

Trophic Ecology of Pelagic Fishes in the Southern Gulf of California

The bulk of my research was conducted in the amazing southern Gulf of California.  This dynamic environment hosts an abundance of large migratory fish species, and I studied the feeding habits of tuna, billfish, dorado and other important sport fish.  In addition, I worked with the local artisanal fishermen and conducted some small fish tagging projects as well.  

Biodiversity of Reef Fishes on the Northeast Coast of Haiti

My return to marine biology has given the opportunity to pursue a new research initiative, and I am currently pursuing studies of the fish found in the catch of artisanal fishermen.  

  • The NEW adventure!  Stay tuned for more...

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