Science has led us to deeper discovery and wonder of life on earth and in the oceans.  This blog will introduce you to some of the more remarkable life below the sea surface.  So scroll down and dive in!

July 18, 2017

Lionfish had invaded the Atlantic, but I was not aware.  It had been fifteen years since I dove in Florida or the Caribbean, but I was in south Florida and diving on a small wreck.  As I came across the bow of the sunken ship, I almost spit out my regulator - a lionfish?!?   What was THAT doing here?  They are only supposed to be in the Pacific! 

Lionfish are what ecologists refer to as an inv...

June 7, 2017

Can I be honest with you?   When our city and state recently banned single-use plastic bags, I was miffed.  What an inconvenience!  I can never remember to bring my bags into the grocery store, and I absolutely REFUSE to pay 10 cents for a bag.  So more often than not, I end up walking out with my boxes of mac-and-cheese (for the kids) and cans of corn stacked high because I forgot my bag again.

But friends, the...

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I am a marine biologist and pastor who loves Jesus, my family, the Church and the oceans.  I started this blog to share views and insights discovered over my years of following Jesus and exploring the oceans.   Read More


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